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while lounging around yesterday, some guy bangs on my door.
i answer it. he's got a clipboard with some papers on it.
he asks me my name. i look at the piece of paper, it's got my neighbors name written on it.

it's a cover letter for a notice of foreclosure on my fucking building.

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That sucks... but not unexpected. I'm sorry for you and the other residents, but not a tad bit sorry for homestead.

it's just my building. not the cottage behind it. bob personally owns my building. one of his llc's owns the one behind it. i don't know if i'll be evicted. i doubt it because it's easier to sell a building with long term tennants. than without.

with that said, i think he filed bankruptcy. don't know though. he won't answer his fucking phone.

Oh. Well then... I hope you get to stay and your rent isn't raised!

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